Changing Lives Of Individuals With Autism

Equine therapy is simply a fantastic, therapeutic treatment for autistic individuals. It has been used for years now and unlike other therapy options simply occurs naturally. It involves the grooming and maintaining of horses. Horses do not have the ability to judge an individual, and patients realize this. They feel completely unjudged in their abilities to take care of another living creature. Sounds great and simple, but it goes so much further than that. The meticulous amount of care and grooming that goes into horses are exactly the kind of thing that these individuals need to fight off triggers. Even for just a little while every day, an individual can connect on another level with the horse, and in taking care of it they develop a routine. The routine helps to offset their triggers and impulses and instead soothes them. Top that off with the fact that horses develop very deep bonds with people in general, and you’ve got a recipe for a better quality of life.


Everyday Capital has identified a project just outside of Charleston SC. This is a great opportunity to make money and make a difference, with a 2x multiplier. This investment will build a state of the art English stable and managers residence, as well as develop 25 land lots. The stable will offer equine therapy to children with special needs. They are also looking to expand that operation nationwide. Right now they need your help in order to help others. They are not seeking funds simply to build and not make a return. They are in fact looking for investors who are accredited and are offering up a 70% / 30% split on all projects they have. This is NOT a donation, it, in fact, is an investment opportunity, and an opportunity to change lives.


To learn more please call (631) 343-8700 with any questions and visit to view their subscription agreement and upload accreditation paperwork.